Annual Reach Out Lakota Giving Tree

2022 Holiday Gift Program


  • What is the Holiday Gift Program?  This is the annual toy drive by Reach Out Lakota that provides gifts to 800 local children whose families are experiencing financial hardship.
  • Where/When do I deliver the gift?  All gifts should be delivered by Thursday, December 1st to Lakota Family YMCA.  We will take care of delivering to Reach Out Lakota.

  • Can I ask for more cards?  YES!  Please take as many cards and your giving heart desires!
  • Why do you ask for gifts with a $30-$50 suggested value?  This amount is set simply to help ensure that all the children receive gifts of a similar value.
  • How do I know what toy the child wants?  Our program does not match gifts with specific children.  Rather, we let the parents “Shop” from all donated gifts so they can choose what gift will bring their child the most joy.  The wide array of gifts donated insures that there is something to match every interest and that all gifts selected are parent approved.
  • What happens with donated gift cards?  Most often these are selected as gifts by parents of teens.  Selecting gifts for teens can be hard for parents and donors alike; we find that gift cards are much appreciated and preferred by older children. 

2022 Gift Video

Mail donations to:

            Holiday Gift Program

            Reach Out Lakota

            PO Box 362

            West Chester, OH 45071


  • Are used toys ok?  We ask that all gifts/toys be new.
  • Is Reach Out Lakota a tax-exempt organization?  Yes, we are a Ohio 501c3 tax exempt organization.
  • How can I get a receipt for my donation?  Instructions for recieving a receipt direct from Reach Out Lakota are on the back of the tags. 
  • Where can I find more information?  Visit our Website at