Insurance Paid Memberships

Medicare Programs

Developed to provide partnerships to allow Medicare-eligible members to participate in YMA programs at no additional cost.  These programs are frequently expanding and growing at rapid rates.  Please check with the Membership Director if you have questions.


Silversneakers® SilverSneakers is a fitness program that is completely free to Medicare beneficiaries. It focuses on getting seniors out of their homes and into the gym and community to improve their health and overall well-being. The program includes access to gyms, exercise classes and social activities. Check your eligibility HERE. 


The Silver&Fit® program provides its members with fitness options and healthy aging resources to empower them to get fit. Members receive access to a no/low-cost fitness membership through a robust network of participating fitness centers and select YMCAs. Check your eligibitiy HERE.


Renew Active® is a fitness program designed for both, with the goal of helping Medicare members reach fitness goals and stimulate their brains. The program is available with select UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans and includes a membership at a participating fitness location at no extra cost and online exercises and activities to support brain health.  Check your eligibility HERE.


Insurance and/or Reimbursement Programs

Prime® Fitness is a convenient and flexible solution designed to get your population active and engaged in their health. As their health improves, so does your bottom line. This variety of locations, class offerings, equipment and amenities helps participants easily find the ideal location to meet their needs. Prime® Fitness may have several different program names under the Tivity Health® umbrella. Click HERE to learn more.