Lap Swim Etiquette

For your safety, please follow the circle swim pattern while lap swimming.

  • Several swimmers (as many as 8 or more) can fit in a single lane if proper etiquette is observed and swimmers of like speed are together.

  • All swimmers must share lanes and are expected to circle swim.
  • Be respectful of other who are sharing the lane with you.
  • Choose a correct lane for your swimming speed.
  • Be sure to notify swimmer(s) when you are entering a lane. This is done by sitting at or on the edge of the pool, waving a kickboard under water or standing in the water in the corner of the lane.
  • When passing, wait and pass at the wall. Gently tap the foot of the swimmer ahead of you indicating you wish to pass. Do not attempt to swim around a slower swimmer as this may cause collisions with swimmers coming n the opposite direction.
  • A lead swimmer, who feels a touch on the feet from an overtaking swimmer, should continue to the next wall, then stop in the corner of the lane to let the faster swimmer(s) pass.
  • When resting on the wall, please move to the outward corners of the lane to allow other swimmers room to easily turn at the wall.
  • Be courteous and responsive if you are asked to move lanes by the lifeguards.